The UNC Charlotte “Pride of Niner Nation” Marching Band took the field in its inaugural season (Fall 2015) consisting of students from each of the eight colleges at UNC Charlotte. This highly-visible ensemble of 149 musicians entertained audiences at all Charlotte 49ers home football games and in the community with a unique combination of tremendous spirit and high-quality performances!

Participation in the “Pride of Niner Nation”: Some Quick Facts

  • The “Pride of Niner Nation” Marching Band is open to all UNC Charlotte students. Experience performing on a standard band instrument and spinning a flag is required.
  • Students must enroll in MUPF 1118 and will receive one credit for participation.
  • The “Pride of Niner Nation” Marching Band rehearses Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4-6 p.m. and performs at all Charlotte 49ers home football games.
  • Preseason Band Camp takes place two weeks before the fall academic semester begins.
  • Prospective members of the Drumline and Colorguard audition for membership on the first full day of Preseason Band Camp in the year in which they intend to march. There is no audition for wind players, but a part-placement audition is required in those section that utilize divisi parts (Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone).
  • Scholarships are available. Contact Dr. Joseph Scheivert directly for more information.
  • Want to know more? Please request more information.

Mission Statement

The mission of the "Pride of Niner Nation" Marching Band is to serve the alma mater, encourage student involvement, foster musical achievement and promote the spirit and traditions of UNC Charlotte. The PNNMB will provide members positive, life-long experiences through participation and performances that build pride, leadership and confidence. 

Philosophy & Purpose 

The "Pride of Niner Nation" Marching Band exists for the following purposes:

  • Educational - To provide a training environment for all students, particularly music education majors, to develop skills to be master teachers and performers.
  • Cultural - To develop an appreciation and understanding of music as an art form through listening, practicing and performing music from many different composers and styles.
  • Support - To act as music ambassadors for the Department of Music, College of Arts + Architecture, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and the State of North Carolina while presenting quality entertainment for our audiences at concerts, football games, pep rallies, parades and other performances.
  • Recreational - To provide students with an activity that offers them the opportunity for recognition, satisfaction and enjoyment through a worthwhile experience.