2017 Season

Madelyn Colby, Assistant Drum Major

Madelyn Colby, Assistant Drum Major

Madelyn is a senior from Concord, North Carolina, and is studying communications with a concentration in public advocacy at UNC Charlotte. She is also working on two minors, one in women's and gender studies and one in legal studies. Madelyn graduated from Concord High School, and was drum major of the Concord “Marching Spiders” for two years. She likes to play all types of flutes (piccolo, soprano, bass), and loves ice cream, working out, weight lifting and rollerblading.

"Marching band is where I go to be at home,” says Madelyn. “I didn't have a niche until I joined marching band in high school, and it has proven to be even more of a blessing to me here at UNC Charlotte.” As a transfer student in the spring 2015 semester, Madelyn says that band beginning that fall was the perfect time to realize the real reason she loves UNC Charlotte. “The professors and classes are so important, but the PNNMB is what continues to provide me with experiences and memories that I will carry with me forever.”


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