Thanks to generous donations from the Niner Nation community, we are proud to be able to offer scholarships to music majors, music minors and non-majors (including drumline and colorguard) who participate in the "Pride of Niner Nation" Marching Band. An audition is required for those seeking a scholarship. Scholarship auditions for music majors and music minors will take place during the academic year. Visit the Department of Music webpage to learn more about admission criteria and auditions. Auditions for non-music majors, including drumline and colorguard, will occur during Preseason Band Camp.

Scholarship Auditions

  • Music Majors and Minors must comply with Department of Music admissions criteria
  • Non-music majors, including drumline and colorguard, will perform for Dr. Joseph Scheivert and additional band staff during preseason band camp. Students will sign up for audition times during check-in at Preseason Band Camp. Award amounts are based on the student’s abilities, available funds and the number of applicants seeking scholarships. Scholarships for non-music majors are awarded per semester (Fall or Fall & Spring) and must be renewed annually.

What to Prepare

  • Music Majors and Minors must comply with Department of Music audition criteria.
  • Non-music majors, including drumline, should prepare a piece of their choosing (ideally an etude or solo). The prepared piece should be performed on the candidate’s principal instrument (marching instruments are acceptable but not preferred) and is to be no longer than five minutes and no less than two minutes in length. Accompaniment is not required or provided.
  • Colorguard members must prepare an original choreographed solo (no less than 1 minute 30 seconds and no more than 2 minutes) which demonstrates their choreography retention and technical proficiency. This demonstration should include at minimum both movement (dance) and flag. Integration of weapon is optional. 

Please contact Dr. Joseph Scheivert with any questions you may have.