Carmen Ballard

PNNMB has been the most-influential part of my time at UNC Charlotte so far.

Carmen is a sophomore at UNC Charlotte, majoring in psychology and minoring in dance. When she isn’t rehearsing with the PNNMB or studying in the library, she is working in a dance studio on campus or hanging out with her friends. Although she hasn’t yet decided on an exact career path, she hopes to continue dancing and wants to stay involved in the colorguard community after graduation.

This is Carmen’s second year with the PNNMB as a colorguard member. She started doing colorguard as a freshman with the Athens Drive High School Marching Band in Raleigh, North Carolina. After performing in the colorguard and winterguard all four years, and serving as a captain her last two seasons, she couldn’t let her love for the activity go. She joined the PNNMB for the 2017 season. This year, she is serving as Assistant Colorguard Captain, where she manages communication and coordination between members, other student leaders and staff, as well as mentoring new members. Her favorite part about marching band is being around people that love doing the activity as much as she does.

Here’s what Carmen has to say about the PNNMB:

“PNNMB has been the most-influential part of my time at UNC Charlotte so far. My favorite time of day is when I can stop worrying about life, and take a few hours to work on what I love to do with so many others. We create so much in just one semester, and it’s impossible to explain everything that goes into it. I won’t say there isn’t any blood, sweat or tears… but laughter, pride and spirit outweigh all of it. There’s nothing like looking back on the season and saying to each other, ‘Wow, we really just did that!’ The friendships I’ve gained in this program are unlike any bonds I’ve made anywhere else, especially having now traveled to FRANCE together!”

By Dr. Chesley Black, Student Leadership Program & Media Director